How to ensure maximum transparency and fairness during competitions in Public Administration and university entrance exams?

10 July 2009

Various problems needed to be addressed:

  1. Managing a huge number of candidates admitted to a public competition in a short time.
  2. Having immediate, reliable results, thus avoiding candidates having to wait many months before knowing the outcome of the test
  3. Respecting privacy and rewarding the real merit of the candidates, avoiding that “smart” or “recommended” candidates take advantage of the “usual” privileges
  4. Making the data available for subsequent inspections, should there be any disputes.
Televoting for candidate pre-selection by test

All this was possible, and without objections, thanks to the Televoter system, whereby a variety of positive experiences took place in collaboration between Logos Av Com, the City of Rome and other software and hardware services organizations.

la coda all'ingresso al PalaLottomatica per i test di selezione

The queue at the entrance of PalaLottomatica for a selection test

This methodology is also applicable to university entrance exams.
Meritocracy, a sensitive subject and constantly at the center of public debate, has found in Televoter an unparalleled support. We leave the comments to the press cuttings.

Palalottomatica: schermi televoter

The giant screens for televoting

La Repubblica

Curiosity: how the High-Tech test was born
… Forty years after the last examination, the new competition for kindergarten teachers was conducted through a high technology exam. No pen and paper for 3150 candidates that the other day competed at the Palalottomatica, but a remote control was used to respond to the quiz projected onto the big screen … the same evening the names of the 150 selected were already on the website of the Department of educational policies …

Il Messaggero

Anti-stress gifts, music and remote controls: the competition for new kindergarten teachers.
… It’s the first time that an exam is held with such a great attention to the stress of the candidates … at the end of the test participants applauded the organizers.

Corriere della Sera

Results in record time, the satisfaction of Aldermen Coscia and Cioffarelli
… The technological competition for teacher, expedited by the elimination of pen and paper in favor of a remote control handed out to each candidate … the forerunner for other municipal selections with high numbers of applicants.

Il Tempo 20

… With the help of technology, the tests were done in near real time, thereby saving unnecessary waiting time and false hopes for candidates. The novelties  … are many and well liked by the candidates, who warmly applauded the organizers at the end of the exam.


Transparency is ensured
… The system we have adopted is unassailable and ensures equal treatment. Computerization allows the Commission to have the results in real time.
… The candidate will receive a magnetic identification card and a remote control, chosen at random … The system detects the code of the two devices and combines them with the name of the candidate, who remains anonymous … this smart system means that it is not possible to “cheat”, ensuring the transparency of the test.